Socialising over food

Leisurely outing

Socialising  over food

Weekends mean a great deal to anyone who works through the week, especially those having six-day weeks. It is not surprising then that Sunday tends to be the laziest day, with many opting to go for Sunday brunches held around the City. 

From live music and tempting food and beverage packages to barbecues in the sun, the trend of such brunches seems to be on the rise.

Speaking about the brunches at CounterCulture, owner Vishwaraj Mohan says, “The concept of Sunday brunch is just picking up in Bangalore. At CounterCulture, it’s been a great addition to what we have to offer as a space. Lots of our regulars love the brunch experience as it’s out in the open and one gets a chance to enjoy the greenery. We also see a lot of families come by and the kids love the open space and swings to play in. Besides, there’s nothing like a fresh glass of fruit mojitos under the trees! Music is rare but the focus is on food and beverage.”

At Opus, the brunch has been a regular feature for the past decade. “Earlier, our Sunday brunches used to be a jam for the music community. But it slowly moved to a more sing-along affair. The entertainment offered and the menu change every week. But it’s always a great way to unwind, especially with the 11.30 pm deadline in the City,” says Carlton Braganza, the owner.

“The restaurant’s second branch in Whitefield will also start hosting Sunday brunches from January,” adds Carlton. Several restaurants like Olive Beach, Loveshack, Habanero, Boca Grande, Herbs and Spice, Little Italy, Shiro as well as star hotels also host such brunches. But there are also those who like throwing them at home for only close friends and family.  Vivek Ravindran, a professional, shares his experience of playing a host. “It’s fairly simple – the usual brunch menu comprises of items like stuffed roast chicken, mashed potatoes and sausages. 
There should be food for vegetarians and non-vegetarians as well as different types of alcoholic and non-alcohol drinks. Since Bangalore has a relatively slower pace of life and picnic-weather almost throughout the year, brunches pass off as picnics in an urban space,” he shares, adding, “It’s all light and laid-back sipping – not the ravenous hunger of lunch after a missed breakfast nor the heavy indulgence associated with dinner. It’s a fun meal that calls for socialising, alcohol, food and an afternoon party mood.”

Aniket Vidyadhar, a music producer, has attended the Sunday barbecue brunch at he Humming Tree. He feels that it’s worth the money and a great way to relax. “I went there with a bunch of friends recently. It wasn’t crowded and had a really chilled out atmosphere. In fact, it felt homely because one tends to meet a lot of known faces at such outings. And of course, there was some pretty amazing barbecue chicken,” smiles Aniket.

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