People of Delhi can meet Kejriwal every Saturday

After the announcement of anti-graft helpline, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday announced a daily “janata darbar” for public grievance which the CM will chair every Saturday with all Cabinet colleagues, and one minister will daily attend it from 9:30 to 11 am.

“Public grievance is a big issue. Sometimes, public grievance is not the disease but it is a symptom for some fault in governance or policy making. Everyday one of the minister will chair a janata darbar, and on every Saturday, I will sit in the public with my ministers. We will take the suggestions, complaints and then action will be taken upon them,” he said.According to Kejriwal, the government will divide the complaints in five categories. The most urgent grievance will be taken in the urgent category and it will be disposed of immediately. In the second category, the government will dispose of the cases related to policy making.

“If anyone complains about inaction of public servant or delay in any work — which is a result of faulty policy — then we have to think about that and such cases will take some time,” he said.

The third category will be of suggestions. The government will invite and read most of the suggestions. 

Fourth category will be miscellaneous where the issues which do not fall in the rest of the categories will be taken care off. The fifth category will be non-government issues.“A few days back, a girl approached me saying please ask my boyfriend to marry me as he is not ready for marriage. Such kind of non-governmental issues will be disposed of in the fifth category,” Kejriwal said.

Citing the poor system he said the government officials usually okays for any query and says the grievance has been sorted out but the citizen’s versions at many times varies from the compliance report.

“We will hire volunteer to confirm that the work has been completed and the compliance report is true. Sometimes, some people say they are dissatisfied with the disposal of the case citing petty issues like the officer never offered tea or water and other silly reasons and sometimes the government employees actually do not work. To handle such situations, the volunteers will give us a reality check of the situation,” he said.

The chief minister also assured that the multiplicity of authority will not become a hurdle for any complainant. “I have spoken to the LG over the issue of multiplicity of authority.
 ­Currently, three major authorities — MCD, Delhi Police and DDA — are not under the command of the Delhi government. But the LG has assured that all of the authorities will have to dispose the grievance cases which comes to us,” he said.

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