Opening another Pandora's box

Nage BombKannada (U) *Director: S Nagendra UrsCast: Sadhu Kokila, Rajendra Karanth, Ravishankar Gowda, Nagendra Urs, Anitha Bhat and others

At the time of its launch, the makers of Nage Bomb had promised complete fun with bellyful of laughs and more and had hoped to  ‘dub’ the film into 11 languages. For all the claims, this is one firecracker that fails to light up, let alone burst into life.

Nage Bomb showcases the slow and excruciating demise of deadpan humour for one. Setting aside horrendous re-recording, noisy background score and screechy voiceovers, the prelude shows promise. After the title card’s dispensed with, however, it is mayhem. Leaving behind logic doesn’t do much good here and by the time the first (mandatory?) song appears, it is agony for viewers. Two do-no-gooders stumble upon an ‘ancient box’ which contains a genie imprisoned by who else, a magician. At the same time, the ‘descendant’ of the magician is after this lost box along with a gang of international-to-next-street-crooks. "

The police inspector charged with finding this box is also pursuing a local don, known for his Houdiniesque ways. 

The two do-no-gooders meantime, find love, conveniently. There ensues a merry-go-round for all the participants, including long-lost brothers uniting at the end.

Nage Bomb has all the ingredients for a slapstick comedy with a bunch of fine actors known for their comic timing. Yet, the finished product ends up as a tribute to the ‘genre’ of what-ifs. Peeling eyes off from the unnecessary waste, one can find some semblance of performance from Karanth, Layendra, Ravishankar and Anitha while Urs is content channelling his father, the late Sundar Krishna Urs’ voice into the dialogues. 

Kiran Hampapur’s camerawork finds little purchase while Rajesh Ramanath, also producing the film, and Suresh Babu try their best to kill the film’s soul as much as possible. Time people learnt to invest some thought into their job. After all, comedy is serious business!

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