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Super-size tablets 

»Samsung Electronics wants to make an aggressive play in the tablet market with extra-large tablets. The South Korean manufacturer recently introduced four new tablets aimed at professional users, including two 12.2-inch tablets - the Galaxy NotePRO and the TabPRO. 

These are much larger than Apple’s 9.7-inch iPad, Microsoft’s 10.6-inch Surface 2 and Amazon’s 8.9-inch Kindle Fire. (The NotePRO tablet comes with a stylus; the TabPRO does not include a stylus and comes in two other sizes: 10.1 inches and 8.4 inches.)

Samsung said it decided to make another size for tablets to cater to other needs, especially professional users who need a bigger screen for more complex tasks. The tablet also includes software for professionals, like the e-Meeting app, a collaborative tool that allows users to share content during meetings.

On top of that, Samsung refreshed the traditional Android interface. Instead of grids of icons for a home screen, the tablets show a magazine-like layout that separates apps and content into different tiles and pages.

Although the 12.2-inch tablets sound as if they could be cumbersome, they aren’t too heavy. The 12.1-inch Galaxy NotePRO weighs about 1.7 pounds, and the TabPRO weighs about 1.6 pounds.

Samsung’s emphasis on professional users for tablets is a direct effort to compete with Microsoft’s Surface tablets, which are marketed as a more viable replacement for a laptop suitable for work. But it is also an effort to take on Apple, whose iPads are widely used by workers in various fields, like construction, medicine and food service.

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