Then she looked up, flipped the pages of the book and grinned. "MAYA!" screamed a familiar voice. "Stop making those silly flipbooks (small books with a sequence of pictures, when flipped, make the pictures appear like a movie), and eat your dinner!" "Yes, Mummy," Maya said, putting her flipbook away.

Maya's hobby was making flipbooks. She was not an artist, but she could DEFINITELY make flipbooks. Humourous ones, some about animals, and some just about day-to-day life. The good thing was that at whatever speed you flipped it at; you could still make out what was happening. The movements were smooth, like you were watching a movie. But her parents never encouraged her. "What bakwaas is this?" her father would say. "Oh, Maya," her mother would say. "Do something else."

And Maya would reply, "But I've done my homework, I've revised my lessons, I've practiced guitar, I've gone outside, I helped Karan with his homework... what else should I do?" You see, Maya was the kind of girl who would do necessary things first, and enjoy her own pleasures later. "But how will it help you in life?" her mother would reply, and an argument would start. Of course it IS a different hobby, and something most children don't do, but, as I mentioned before, Maya did it pretty well.

That night at dinner Maya was asked how school was. And she answered with a small "good". But then her face brightened and said, "Today at school, our teacher said we could send something for publishing. Do you think that I should send a flipbook?" Her parents glanced at each other. Obviously, they did not think this was a good idea. "Why don't you send a story, or maybe a poem?" suggested her mother. "You could send in some drawings if you like," said her father. But Maya felt that she should send a flipbook, and went off to her room.

Her parents sighed. What was she thinking of? Maya went to her room, and finished the flipbook, polishing every detail, and flipping it twice or thrice to make sure it was perfect. "Maya." Her mother came into the room and sat down beside her. "I don't think you should send a flipbook...." "But WHY?" interrupted Maya, abruptly. Her mother sighed. "Well, I don't think it will get published." Maya frowned and pushed her mother's hand off her shoulder. "We'll see," she said coldly. Her mother sighed.

There was no use talking to her. She walked out of the room, angry, but pretty much silent. The next day at school, Maya handed over her flipbook to her teacher. "That's... um, very nice, Maya," she said, taking it from her. Maya smiled. She was sure it would get published. When the school newspaper came out, Maya realized they had sent the items for publishing in a newspaper.

How could a flipbook be published in a newspaper? Why hadn't her mother told her it was probably for a newspaper? That was when she remembered how coldly she had spoken to her mother. Then Maya's teacher, Diya Ma'am came and sat next to her.

"I have good news for you, Maya," she said, smiling. The teacher who decides what goes into the newspaper, was impressed by your flipbook. He knows a publisher, and showed him your work." She paused, took a deep breath, and said, "He wants to publish your flipbooks." Maya stared at her for a moment, then her eyes glistened.

She squealed with delight. "YAY!" Her parents were shocked too, and decided that it was bad of them to discourage her. As for Maya, she never was so rude to her mother again. Now, she was on cloud nine, just because she believed in herself!

Written and illustrated by
Noor Singh
Public School
HSR Layout