Music and dance reviews...

Music and dance reviews...

Young dancers from abroad

There were six dance recitals during the two-day NRI dance festival held under the joint auspices of Sangeetha Sambhrama and World Dance Alliance. Young dancers from different countries like USA, UK, Singapore proved their mettle in not only Bharatanatya, but also in Kuchipudi and Odissi.

Rohitha Kamal from Dallas is a student of Vani Easwar and also a scholarship holder. She straightaway opened her programme with a keerthana “Brocheva...,” in which popular episodes like ‘Gajendra Moksha’ were depicted. Incidentally, the next composition ‘Mathe...’ was also in the same raga Kamatch. Young Rohitha revealed a sound sense of ‘laya’ with graceful ‘abhinaya’.

Shriya Srinivasan, another young dancer from Cleveland, is the daughter and disciple of Sujatha Srinivasan, senior danseuse and a recipient of the merit award. She is learning vocal also. Malhari... (Naata) gave her a bright start and chose the celebrated ‘Rupamujuchi...’ Tall and slim Shriya executed the ‘theermanams’ with ease and confidence. ‘Kshetragna Pada...’ (Shahana) was performed with good expression and concluded with the well-known devaranama “Baro Krishnaiah...” The day’s programme concluded with ‘Ya Devi’ by the Devika Dance Theatre from the UK. Devika Rao (UK), Manvela Benini (Brazil), Katie Ryan (UK), Prem Rai (Nepal) – dancers from three countries based in London presented the “Ya Devi...” in five different styles. It was mostly ‘lokadharmi’ and was good in parts. With proper direction, it may become more impactful. But the background music by Praveen D Rao was appreciated by one and all.
Melodious solo violin

Sri Rama Lalithakala Mandira celebrated the “Sankranthi Music Festival” with vocal, veena and violin solo recitals last week. Anuradha Sridhar, who gave a solo violin recital, belongs to a reputed family of musicians. She is the daughter of Lalgudi Srimathi Brahmanandam and has been groomed in the famous “Lalgudi Baani”. She has trained a number of young aspirants in her institution “Trinity Centre for Music” and has performed in many countries. She has been awarded many awards, including “Best Teacher in North America” (by the Cleveland Aradhana Committee) and by the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce, San Fransisco World Music Festival and the Best Violinist award from the Music Academy.

Given this background, listeners came with high expectations and Anuradha fulfilled their expectations abundantly. Though she played a dozen items, the focus was more on ‘Mohana’ and ‘Kaanada’ ragas. 

Mohana – the ever-pleasing raga cast a spell on the audience. ‘Kaanada’, a melodious raga, was selected by her for the raga, thana and pallavi. Though it had the impact of her style, seasoned connoisseurs felt that the alapana and thana were rather brief. With more elaboration, the impact of the pallavi could have been better, they felt. The ‘Khanda Triputa Tala Pallavi’ was proof of her talent and hard practice. 

The tail enders – devaranamas (Baro Krishnaiah... and Antakana Dutarige...) and thillana (Madhuvanti) – were also pleasing. The percussion duo – H S Sudhindra and S Srishylan – gave excellent support. A CD of Anuradha Sridhar ‘Salutations to the Guru’ was released on the occasion.
Vaggeyakara Utsava

Ranjani Fine Arts, the new Sangeetha Sabha, conducts music concerts, workshops and special talent promotion programmes for beginners round the year. On Saturday, it conducted the “Vaggeyakara Utsava” in a unique way. Students of 20 music institutions in and around Bellandur presented one composition each, of different composers. 

Learners between the ages of 8 and 50 sang and played with enthusiasm and sincerity. It was followed by the ‘Pancharatna Krithis’ of Saint Tyagaraja. Senior and young musicians sang the five gems in unison, accompanied by violin and mridanga. Opening with ‘Jagadananda Karaka’ in Naata, they customarily continued with ‘Dudukugala’ (Gowla), ‘Sadhinchane’ (Arabhi), ‘Kanakanaruchira’ (Varali) and ‘Endaro Mahanubhavulu (Sri). All these compositions echoed in the auditorium and created a divine atmosphere.

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