'50,000 gap' in enrolment baffles DBT team

Oil companies to launch drive to track 'un-seeded' LPG connections

With more than 50,000 connections yet to be seeded with either LPG dealers or banks, oil companies will start collecting information to assess the exact number of LPG consumers in the district. 

As of January 10, there were a total of 5,55,151 LPG connections in Mysore district. Of the connections 5,04,028 consumer numbers have been seeded with LPG dealers (91 per cent) and 4,61,159 connections (83 per cent) with various banks in the district. With the ‘50,000 gap’ persisting for a long period, oil companies will take help from its field officers and LPG distributors to ascertain the exact number of active connections.

Dilip Rai, Deputy General Manager, Indian Oil Corporation Limited, speaking to Deccan Herald said that the company has already started collecting information for a database on the actual number of connections. 

“There are a few customers who have denied subsidies under Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) scheme. But, since 50,000 is a large chunk of customers, we need to learn why these people have not seeded their customer numbers with Aadhaar accounts,” he said.

On the various complaints raised by consumers in the district, regarding DBT of LPG subsidies, he said that technical lapses ‘might’ have resulted in some problems. We are trying to sort out all the issues regarding the scheme. Since, Aadhaar based DBT of LPG subsidies was made compulsory only three months ago, we are working towards streamlining it, he added.

Persisting gap

Lead Bank manager, K N Shivalingaiah also raised concerns on the ‘50,000 gap’. The difference between LPG customer numbers and number of seeded accounts have been around the same for the past few months, he noted.

It can be recalled that the DBT of LPG subsidies was launched in the district on July 1.

 Following a three month period to ‘streamline’ the DBT process and to ensure all customers seeded their Aadhaar numbers with LPG customer numbers and bank accounts, Aadhaar based DBT was made compulsory for customers to avail subsidies from October 1. 

Despite Supreme Court’s interim order not to deny subsidies for people without Aadhaar cards, subsidies were only provided for customers who had linked their accounts with Aadhaar numbers.


Shivalingaiah said that even though the issues related to seeding of accounts and mapping with National Payment Council of India has been sorted out, complaints of wrong credit of subsidies, subsidies not being credited at all and others are being reported regularly.

On the drop box facility at banks regarding enquiries on Aadhaar based DBT, he said that the number of enquiries and complaints at the banks have come down. While drop boxes received 8-10,000 complaints a month during initial stages, now the number of complaints have reduced to two to three thousand a month, he said.

Since banks play a small role in DBT scheme, LPG companies must take steps to sort out the issues, he added.

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