In love with live music

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In love with  live music

Bollywood singer Parthiv Gohil has a lot up his sleeve – from regional recordings to organising an independent music festival called ‘Saazz’, featuring Salim-Sulaiman, Karsh Kale and Ranjit Barot in Mumbai, there’s always something to keep him busy. 

“My passion is live music,” shares Parthiv, whose dream was to become a singer. “My father wanted me to pursue music as a career. Growing up, he was the one who motivated me, took me for music classes and made me attend concerts. Initially, I wasn’t very keen but once I got the correct group of musicians, I got serious about it.

I completed my BA in music, after which I decided to try for Sa Re Ga Ma, which Sonu Nigam was hosting. That show changed my life,” shares Parthiv, who moved from Gujarat to Mumbai to pursue his dream. 

Working with director Sanjay Leela Bhansali on Devdas and Saawariya made him realise newer aspirations. “The best thing about Bhansali ji is how he gets the best out of an individual. After Devdas and Saawariya, I discovered the hidden talent of composing and producing music. I’m still a student in that field but plan to take it up professionally in the future. My dream is to become a good music producer. It was very good because his style is very different from others. He likes to pre-plan everything and go according to what’s been decided,” says Parthiv. 

Another memorable journey for him was working on the first season of Coke Studio India. “Coke Studio was very good because it’s the kind of music I’ve always loved and wanted to work on. I followed Coke Studio Pakistan and loved all the tracks, so this was a great opportunity. But I wish I could have done more in the next season,” he notes. Though Parthiv is a classical music student, he loves experimenting with different styles. His tryst with the independent music scene has been recent but fruitful.

“It’s a very good scene because Bollywood has restrictions — it has to create music as per the requirements of the story, scene and director. But in independent music, it’s a hardcore music-based industry where artistes have full freedom to express their views,” he expresses.  He’s also vocal about the current trends in the so-called ‘playback industry’.

“I feel that today, there’s no such term as ‘playback singing’ since the music has become sound-based. For example, Atif Aslam is such a besura person from the technical point of view. But even I love his songs because his voice has soul, which is what music is about. If a trained singer cannot produce the emotions correctly, it’ll never work,” he wraps up.

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