'I've always been fascinated by the stage'

'I've always been fascinated by the stage'

Actress Suchitra Pillai has acted in movies, been a VJ and done voice-overs. But the field that she is most comfortable with is theatre as she feels it is the best medium to express oneself.

The actress, who was in the City recently for a theatre performance, spoke to Metrolife on her admiration for Bangalore and its people among other things.

Currently working on a daily soap on Colors, the actress of ‘Hip Hip Hurray’ fame says that theatre is different from other mediums. “Despite doing the same thing again and again on stage, the satisfaction is completely different each time. It is a fulfilling experience,” says Suchitra. Ask her how she got interested in acting on stage and she says, “I was in grade four when I acted in my first play ‘Cinderella’.

Since then, I have always been fascinated by the stage. I was always interested in elocution and drama.” On being asked about the play she loves to perform, she says, “I’ve been performing Lilette Dubey’s ‘Dance Like A Man’ since 1997. And I still love the experience every time.”

An engineering student, Suchitra has been asked by many about how she moved to the entertainment industry. She answers, “It was purely by accident. But once I was acting, veejaying and doing the other things I loved, I couldn’t look back. It’s true that most of my classmates make a lot more money. But the satisfaction that you get by doing what you love is the best.”

What many people might not know is that Suchitra was offered a role in Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar. “If I had chosen to act in the movie then, I would have been at a different point now. But I was busy with my studies and didn’t want to take it up,” she says.
Suchitra has dubbed in Hindi for a few Warner Brother movies.

She laughs, “It’s a fun experience to dub for such films as one has to deliver the dialogues according to the scene, character and its body language. I’ve even dubbed for ‘Wall-E’ and ‘Bolt’.” Singing is one of her favourite interests.

“Music is something I love. After bringing out the album ‘Such Is Life’, I’m working on another album at the moment,” she says. Talking about Bangalore, Suchitra confesses that she isn’t in the City as much as she would like to be. “The City has so much greenery and I have lots of friends who stay here.

The people here are so cultured,” says Suchitra. “They know how to appreciate someone as an artiste and a human being,” she
wraps up.

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