'It's easier to work with friends'

Comfort level

'It's easier to work with friends'

It looks like the new year holds a lot of promises for actress Radhika Pandit. She not only has three projects in hand but has a lot more coming her way.

The young lass doesn’t believe in signing projects one after another but likes doing roles that are substantial and give her the chance to explore the actor in her.

What’s even better is that all of Radhika’s co-stars are those with whom she has already worked time and again and this she says truly adds to the comfort level and certainly betters the product.

Radhika is currently working in Bahadur opposite Dhruva Sarja in which she plays an innocent girl who can be fooled into doing and believing just about anything. “I play this dreamy girl who loves the rains and believes people she loves. It’s easy to get secrets out of her,” says Radhika.

She adds, “My role portrays everything that a modern girl is today. Her feelings, likes, dislikes and peculiarities are brought out well in the film.”

Radhika was in Sweden for almost a month shooting for her project Endendigu with Ajai. “It was freezing in Sweden and we would get some sunlight only between 8 am and  3 pm. It was difficult to work in that temperature but our schedules were such that nothing could be done,” she informs.

Yash and Radhika began their careers together and have been quite a popular pair on screen. They will come together again in Mr and Mrs Ramachari and Radhika says that she couldn’t have felt more comfortable.

“It’s easier to work with friends because there’s a certain comfort level that you share with them. I’ve noticed that I always end up working with the same actor over and over again. It could be coincidental,” she adds.

Every actor fears being typecast and Radhika is no exception and that’s precisely why she’s eager to do as many different roles as she can. “I think all my projects have had something different to offer me.

All my characters have given me enough scope for performance and I am glad that I have been able to contribute rather substantially to every project I’ve done thus far,” she states.     

Radhika doesn’t forget to take appropriate breaks. She spent New Year’s eve in Goa with her family. “I take off with my family whenever I can afford to. These breaks surely recharge you to work harder,” she sums up.

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