Add colour to your food and stay healthy and fit

Magical hues

Colour is something that is an intrinsic part of our lives. From being present in our clothes to shoes, from places to home accessorises, from describing moods to food items to the dazzling hues of nature around, imagine how lacklustre and grey life would be without colour.

And that is not all even our moods tend to follow a colour trail and nothing quite as best describes our feelings than colour:  ‘Turn green with envy’, ‘I’m feeling blue’, ‘Turn red with rage’ or ‘ pink with embarrassment’  effectively demonstrate how  our moods and colours are interrelated. But colours not only affect our emotions, they have healing properties too. So, eating the right-coloured food is also important for a healthy body
and mind.

Says Poonam Sethi, colour therapist, Feng Shui practitioner, tarot card reader, reiki  and crystal healer, “Colour therapy in food is a very important part. By this we can make our body work in a systematic way. The direction of light of specific colours and the chakras present in the body which are associated with colours, the stimulation of acupoints and the use of light of specific wavelengths, facilitate healing. Colour therapy is often used as a complementary treatment for seasonal disorders like depression and stress.”

“According to the seven chakras in our body there is a certain balance that needs to be created to have a healthy life. For example if one has stomach ailments it shows the solar plexus is imbalanced, the colour of that chakra being yellow, we can heal by using more yellow in the diet like yellow dals, haldi, papaya etc. Basically, it is first about diagnosing the problem and then healing that chakra with appropriate coloured food,”
adds Poonam.

The best colours(taken in the form of vegetables, pulses, fruits etc) to have in food are indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. Even the oils have colour that can be used accordingly. And there are four primary colours that have a psychological effect-- red, blue, yellow and green. The first three colours relate to the body, the mind, the emotions respectively and green maintains the essential balance between the three colours.

Colour therapist and spiritual councillor Madhu Kotiya says, “Every colour has a vibration and they have their own effect on a body. People who have joint pains should have more and more green vegetables which are being exposed to the sunlight. In general also, people should have water kept in glass bottlewithout a metal lid exposed
to sunlight.”

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