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Cleaning and chopping fenugreek, colloquially called methi, could be one of the most gruelling tasks for a homemaker.

But come winters, the vegetable carts laden with this green leafy vegetable entice you into buying it for its distinctly strong aroma, an equally bitter taste and health benefits galore. Be it in the form of seeds, crushed and dried leaves (kasuri methi) or our favourite freshly chopped version into breads and recipes, methi finds a significant place on our platter. Metrolife speaks to experts to find out about some widely-known fenugreek dishes and their own unique innovations with this leafy vegetable.

Chef Nawal Prakash, vice president, Under One Roof Hotel Consultants, says, “Fenugreek recipes are placed in every section of the contemporary platter like Methi Paneer is a main course dish; Bajra Methi Paneer Parantha is a bread; Chhole Methi Dhokla is a Gujarati appetiser and Chhola ni dalna poodla acts like a main course and side dish both.”

“Makki ki methi wali roti, methi jowar roti, methi na thepla, are few variants of breads usually eaten in different parts of India; these instantly strike you when you think of the vegetable,” says Chef Tarani Kapur, Tarani Low Calorie Kitchen (TLC). Rich in proteins, fibres, Vitamin C and minerals, fenugreek not only helps in cutting down the cholesterol levels, it helps in keeping a check on diabetes, prevent acid reflux and heartburn, notes the chef.

“Include fenugreek in your weight-loss diet by chewing soaked methi seeds on an empty stomach in the morning. The natural soluble fibre in fenugreek can swell and fill the stomach thereby suppressing your appetite,” adds Tarani. She also suggests, “A paste made from fresh methi leaves, if applied regularly on your scalp before bath, can help in hair growth, and reduction of dandruff.”

Sharing her innovation, she suggests an interesting spin on the middle-eastern delight--Falafel with hummus--by introducing methi leaves tossed in olive oil to the chickpeas mixture for Falafel.

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