Exercise caution when wearing lenses

Eye care

Eyes are the most appealing part of the human body. Windows of the soul, they convey a lot of things about a person and one can even figure out what a person is feeling from the expression of the eye.

Not surprising eyes have been the inspiration of  many a poet, artist and singer who’ve been mesmerised by those ‘kali, kali aankhen’ or drowned in the heady depths of the ‘gulabi aankhen’ or sung paeans to the  ‘Pretty blue eyes’ . The peepers continue to enthrall and enchant.

The poetics apart, eyes are also one of the most decorated body parts of our body. From kajal to mascara to eye shadows to even coloured lens – the options to highlight and enhance the eyes are mind-boggling. But when it comes to fashion, people tend to forget the consequences of using a product which may look good but may not be so for the eyes. It is absolutely important therefore to realise that eyes are an integral part of our body and hence should not be taken for granted. 

One of the most commonly used eye accessory is the coloured lens which is available in all possibl colours – red, blue, grey, green, purple, halloween lens, cat’s eye lens – you name it and you get it. Even a lot of actors are flaunting their ‘coloured eyes’ on and off screen, making it more popular among the young generation – who are least bothered about the health issues. Coloured lenses are even available in different shapes! But, one doesn’t realise how harmful these lenses are for the eyes.

According to Dr Mahipal Sachdev, chairman and medical director, Centre for Sight, “Contact lenses pose serious risks if not given proper fitting by a licensed eye care professional. It is a medical device, which impacts the normal physiology of cornea, hence should be used under medical supervision of an ophthalmologist. These lenses also pose a significant risk of infection and othereye problems.”

“Any lack of cleanliness while using lenses can lead to conjunctivitis, corneal abrasions or corneal opacity formation. The infection in eye if not treated on time pose a risk of blindness too,” adds the doctor.

Follow these lens-wear tips:

* Always wash your hands with soap before touching the lenses

* Always clean the lens with solution before wearing and after removal

* Use only fresh solution every day to store lenses

* Change the contact lens case after every six months

* Don’t keep the lens case in refrigerator or in toilet, always keep inside a drawer

* Always wear lenses before applying make-up and remove lenses before removing make-up

* Don’t overwear contact lenses for more than 10-12 hours a day 

* Never sleep with your lenses on

* Don’t swim while wearing lenses 

* Don’t share lenses with anyone

* Always carry the contact lens case filled with fresh solution along with you so that in case of any redness or discomfort you can remove and store your lenses in proper case

Enjoy your coloured lenses but with care!

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