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As Hollywood celebrities walked down the red carpet at Golden Globe Awards, the shutterbugs caught not just their ‘happy-dent smiles’ but also their flashy chandelier earrings the new symbol of ear opulence!

The ornament has been sported by many celebs including the US First Lady, Michelle Obama, who was spotted wearing gold chandelier earrings with glass pearl. Even our divas back home have not missed any occasion to adorn themselves with these fashionable earrings, particularly this winter.

From Deepika Padukone to Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sridevi to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, almost every Bollywood celeb has been spotted with chandelier earrings, a reason enough for Metrolife to delve into what makes them the ‘hot’ ear accessory this season.

But first things first. To differentiate between a straight-line heavy dangler and a chandelier, go by the name which defines its structure akin to a light chandelier. “They often have multiple layers of decoration and by virtue of its length sashay near the shoulder too,” says Abhishek Rastogi, design manager at Tanishq, adding that these are “Usually longer than the regular danglers and more dressy.”

Very vintage-inspired, these earrings are more decorative and enhance a woman’s face more. “One can wear a pair of chandelier earrings and change the entire look. They not only look comfortable with any outfit – Indian or Western, but is a perfect option to make the plainest clothes look dressy,” says Prakshi Sharma, chief designer, RK Jewellers suggesting that one might not necessarily pair them with a saree or an evening gown.

“Even when accessorised with a white shirt and jeans or a patiala salwar-suit or anarkali-suit, they will look as good,” adds Prakshi for those who are looking for styling tips in order to carry this bulky jewellery, which doesn’t require one to wear a heavy necklace.

The chandelier earrings go back all the way to the vintage era where Britishers considered them pretty classy, but they have travelled with time to acquire contemporary innovations. “Though the most popular combination is white gold with diamond or pearl, the variations in emeralds are also doing well,” informs Prakshi referring to the partiality for red and green hues in India.

And even coral is giving tough competition to these traditional jewels. Jewellery designers predict that the  trend of chandelier earrings will continue, “Through the summer as well, since they work well with Indian bridal wear. Diamond and kundan polki chandelier earrings from wedding collection have been a hit with buyers,” adds Abhishek.

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