Thread used for kites puts Black Kites in peril

Chinese manja or glass nylon yarn used for flying kites is endangering Black Kites. According to People for Animal (PFA), voluntary organisation working towards rescuing wildlife in City, they receive at least 10-15 Black Kites injured by hanging manja thread in a month.  

PFA rehabilitator Vinay said, “When manja thread cuts off while flying a kite, it comes down and hangs on tree tops. Since this hangs at a height, people do not bother to remove them. 

Black Kites during their flight or when perched atop the tree do not notice the thread and injure themselves. Birds lose their wings, suffer head and toe injuries and are rendered disabled. 

Wildlife vet Roopa Satish said when birds lose a limb it becomes a challenge for them as they cannot hold on to the prey. Hunting becomes difficult and most end up surviving on garbage piles. Nature Forever Society (NFS) has launched a campaign against the use of Chinese manja.

In Ahmedabad, during Uttarayan festival or Kite Festival of Gujarat in 2011, it claimed eight lives, one of which was a four-year old girl whose throat was slit. According to NFS, Tamil Nadu, Ahmedabad, Maharashtra and Ludhiana have tried to impose ban on Chinese manja but have been unsuccessful since Central nod is necessaty. NFS has begun a process of petitioning Environment and Forests Minister Veerappa Moily. 

Individuals and organisations can sign the petition online to show their allegiance. 

However, Vinay feels banning Chinese manja is not the solution. Awareness about flying kites only in open spaces to ensure that no threads get tangled is the right way.

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