Hiremath says no to active politics

Whistle blower and Samaja Parivarthana Samudaya Founder S R Hiremath has declined of any possibilities of him getting into active politics. He has said that he is only the member of Aam Admi Party (AAP) and he would campaign for AAP candidates, but he would be politically active in the party.

Addressing mediapersons on Thursday, he expressed his goodwill towards Loksatta party. “Loksatta is a good political party. My decision on supporting Loksatta party candidates will depend on the constituency from where they will contest,” he said.

Commenting on Minister D K Shivakumar inviting him to politics, Hiremath put it straight that there was a lot of difference between the kind of politics he is engaged in and that is practised by D K Shivakumar. 

“I have been engaged in politics for last 30 years, fighting for the cause of poor. Our politics is of empowerment which dreams of free India. Our politics aims at ousting corrupt politicians from public life,” he said.

Clarifying why he joined AAP, he said he had submitted application to the party in response to an invitation from his friend Prashanth Bhushan. But, our interest lies in forming a political campaign by raising public awareness about politics and make the political process more participatory. AAP too has been doing the same. “We will support AAP for their simplicity and an attempt to do good for people,” he said.

Meanwhile, he also clarified that he has no intentions to fight against small encroachers who might have encroached land for leading a respectable life. There is no need for small encroachers to worry. 

“We have submitted complaints to the High Court against 88 individuals who have encroached more than 30 acre land. The fight will also aim at revealing the hidden agenda of influential politicians who are behind forest destruction and land encroachment in Malnad region.”

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