Will go smiling: Sunanda tweeted

Will go smiling: Sunanda tweeted

Will go smiling: Sunanda tweeted

"Joh hona hota hai woh hokay rahega. "Hastay huay jayengey (whatever is destined to happen will happen. will go smiling)", were the among the last tweets of Sunanda Pushkar, wife of Union Minister Shashi Tharoor, who was found dead in a five-star hotel room here tonight.

Sunanda spent the wee hours of today on micro-blogging site Twitter.

Her tweet at 5.27 AM said "a close frn of mine got, so made she did it but as v Hindus says joh hona hota hai woh hokay rahey ga."

This was followed by another tweet three minutes later in which she replied to one of her friend enquiring about her health. "will try, got so many issues diagnosed in KIMS (Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences) that now who knows when I got 2 go with joy hastay huey jayengey."

She wondered why her fight with Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar over an alleged extra-marital affair with her husband could make headline news.

"Guys btw this is a personal affair why is it headline news? All u have achieved is Mehr telling lies & her 5 mins of fame I have all the bbm," was her tweet at around 6 AM.

Embattled with a twitter war with Tarar, a Pakistani journalist, for allegedly "hitting on" on her husband, Sunanda was actively replying to tweets from others and in reply to one such she had said "sadly it's not the men it's the woman who hit on a man when the wife is out 2 get treated how gross."

She had even replied to one tweet which suggested that she should stay off the controversy saying " LOL I don't care about that but does a woman have to berate me 2 do that. my husband wants 2B with her I am the last one to stop." 

Sunanda, an avid twitterite, had late last night told her friends on the networking site that Tarar was "lying".

Responding to a talk show on a news channel, she tweeted "saw your show and must tell u the @mehrtarar has lied outright I have all her emails and her bbms to my husband. I don't lie," she stated in her last tweet.

She added she was sick at the moment. "sadly, I am too sick at the moment but will talk it one day and it's disgusting for @mehrt," she said in one of the tweets.

However, in another post, Sunanda had denied she was seeking divorce from Tharoor.Her twitter account saw much activity with several people posing questions to her, to many of which she replied.

Pushkar had further stressed that she and her husband were leading a happy life. "my husband @ShashiTharoor &I are very happy so a Mehr isn't going 2bother me all her lies on TV amused me," she stated.

On January 15, she had said, "had the audacity of a woman desperaely in love with an Indian "please shashi dont make me go i pleaded and begged i love u Shashi "

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