Now, treat sewage at home

Imagine having an in-house sewage treatment plant only for your home or for an apartment block or a school. This would not only help dispose wastewater but also ensure conservation by not polluting environment. 

A technology which treats 300 litres of water was demonstrated at the 46th annual convention of the Indian Water Works Association (IWWA) here on Friday. 

This nanotechnology treats wastewater with the advanced activation process using ‘Multiwalled Nano Tubes’ and hydrogen peroxide.  When wastewater comes in contact with muti-walled-nano tubes, hydrogen peroxide is supplied dropwise, a reaction occurs with the release of oxygen (O2) and Hydroxyl (OH-) molecules which helps in treating of wastewater, yielding  99.99 per cent pure water by removing all the contaminants. Water is, however, treated only at the secondary level and can be used for non-potable purpose. 

Multiwalled Nano Tubes are made up of 40+ alloys and are capable of treating 180+ contaminants. The hydrogen peroxide is a disinfectant and is used as an oxidising agent to treat water. 

Another product, ‘Organic+’, is based on microbial consortium technology and used to eliminate the foul odour associated with wastewater, poultry, solid waste, etc. Prithvi Eco Sciences Pvt Ltd, the firm which has developed the technology, has already installed the plant at many places in the City. 

At the IWWA convention, a host of companies displayed the latest technologies available in water treatment plants, water valves, GI pipes, hydrants etc. There were also stalls of new generation waterproof water meters. 

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