NE handicraft expo offers something special

NE handicraft expo offers something special

NE handicraft expo offers something special

Pankaj Moghe, a MNC Sales and Marketing Executive turned artiste, said he quit his corporate job only because of his deep inclination towards art. His stall stands unique at the North -East Handicraft Mela being held in Hotel Woodlands, Mangalore.

Pankaj, hailing from Nagpur in Maharastra, claims himself to be a self-made artist. He told Deccan Herald that he is accompanied by his spouse Sarita in is artistic endeavors. “Our motto is to reach both learned and non-learned class of the society,” he said and added that he participates in exhibitions at places where one need not have to pay entrance fee and people those who cannot purchase, may feel happy by having a glance. 

Pankaj Moghe is of the firm opinion that only art appreciation without patronage will not nurture the artisans and the art. 

3D paintings

His 3D art works are very special for they have been crafted with various stones, which he collected from roadsides. One could hardly imagine that the ordinary stones lying by the roadside could be so attractively arranged in an artwork, to create a 3D effect. Moghe has crafted the stone pieces in such a way that they form the three dimensional foreground for the painting drawn in the background, making it a composite art piece. 

Apart from his specialty, he has tiffany glass works on original stained glass, oil and water paintings and wood appliqué works. His stall also offers hand-painted greeting cards, priced at Rs 60 each. He also designs artistic nameplates in porcelains, hand painted silk at his place at CV Raman Nagar in Bangalore. The Moghe couple has been experimenting on various possibilities of art and craft like that of 3D artworks and wood appliqué works.

Bamboo craft

Harikrishna (32) from Nalavari district of Guwahati in Assam displays bamboo craft works spoke to Deccan Herald and said that the items are crafted by artisan families in Assam. He said he has displayed items such as executive bags, fruit baskets, trays, etc, to match the taste of Mangaloreans. 

Another stall belonging to Moon Saikiya from Tezpur in Assam displayed an array of cane items such as lampshades made out of hand-carved showpieces, made out of Gamari wood and bamboo works. The price of attractive lampshades ranges from Rs 150 to Rs 500.

Kajal and Jivan from Mysore, beneficiaries of SGSY scheme of Hunsur Taluk Panchayat, have put up a stall of herbal products. They said they belonged to Scheduled Tribe and have been engaged in their hereditary profession of traditional herbal medicine making. They added that they carry out their cottage industry under the aegis of women self help groups.

The expo organised by the North East Handicraft Development Corporation, will be held till January 22 at Hotel Woodlands. Along with the stalls from artisans of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Sikkim and Manipur, stalls of others states, including Karnataka, have also been put up. There is wide range of items to choose from wooden craft works, clay idols, dress materials, wooden work, fancy jewellery, decorative items etc.

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