Unravel mystery

Union minister of state Shashi Tharoor is no stranger to controversies. The death of his wife Sunanda Pushkar in a luxury hotel in the national capital on Friday should have been an occasion for the party to reach outto him to express condolences. Sadly, that has not been the case.

The mysterious circumstances of Sunanda’s sudden demise have raised many questions that Tharoor, being a person in public life, cannot avoid and he hasn’t done that so far. The doctors who conducted Sunanda’s post mortem have concluded that this was a case of “sudden unnatural death.”

Some  Congress leaders have already found fault with the media for converting their colleague’s tragedy into a public controversy. They are wrong.  Just two days before she was found dead, Sunanda herself had used Tharoor’s twitter account to post an explosive piece of allegation that the minister was involved with a female Pakistani journalist, Mehr Tarar, and she suspected that the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) could be behind this lady.

Tharoor made light of these posts on his twitter, saying that his account had been hacked. But his version had no takers as Sunanda provided more and more information about his regular communication with the Pakistani journalist – an issue which had apparently pushed her into depression for quite some time, probably since July, last year. Within 24 hours, Tharoor helped put out a joint statement with his depressed wife, which proclaimed that they were “happily married”. However, not a single piece of information that came out from Tharoor-Tarar tweets - all revealed by Sunanda – supported the happily-married claim.

Tharoor can help unravel the mystery. Sadly for Tharoor, who is arguably a pioneer among a new breed of Indian politicians who use social networking sites to reach to the public and also to brand himself, the revolutionary new media has also been a cause of avoidable controversies. It could be that a friendly exchange of tweets with Mehr had caused a misunderstanding of tragic proportions with his wife. The onus is on him to convince that it was indeed a matter of misunderstanding, and not anything more than that. Hopefully, the probe to bring out the facts behind the tragedy does not end up becoming a casualty of Tharoor’s bid to retain his Thiruvananthapuram Lok Sabha seat in the general elections just four months away.

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