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The Sphere

»Backup drives are usually characterless bricks, far more function than form. But the drive maker LaCie has teamed with the French silver-product manufacturer Christofle to make a drive that is pleasing to the eyes and has plenty of function.

Called the Sphere, it is - you guessed it - a sphere in gleaming silver. It is covered in actual silver plate, manually plated and polished in Normandy.

Roughly half the size of a softball, it looks as if it would weigh as much as a cannonball, but it is just over a pound.

Inside the Sphere is a 2.5-inch hard drive with one terabyte of storage. It requires a USB connection to a computer rather than a power cord, so a mess of cables won’t mar the Sphere’s elegant look. It goes on sale later this month, priced at $490 (Rs 30,164).

The Sphere has one drawback: If you touch it, which is hard to resist, fingerprints are apparent. A LaCie official said Christofle recommended a polish called Twinkle. Stock up, you’ll need it.

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