Sufis are neither Hindus nor Muslims: Rajappa Dalvoy

Describing Sufism as a lifestyle, writer Rajappa Dalvoy said, Sufis cannot be distinguished as either Hindus or Muslims.

He was speaking on the second day of a three-day workshop on ‘Sufi-saint-harmony’, being held as part of Bahuroopi theatre festival, at Rangayana, here, on Sunday.

He said, it is also important to distinguish between Ulemas and Sufis. Ulemas were fundamentalists brooding on religion, while Sufis are ‘self-aware’ and are not restricted to the teachings or practices of a particular religion, he added.

He lamented over the growing discord between castes and religions. At a time when people determine their identities based on caste, the teachings of Sufi saints become relevant. Sufis can also offer a solution to the problems of communalism, as several organisations are dividing people to meet their political ends, he said.

He said, caste and religion based organisations are harmful to the Constitution of the country. Even though there are 1,049 castes in the country, only two or three communities are trying to rule it, resulting in widening of the divide among communities, he said.

Writer Gauri Lankesh spoke on the Bababudangiri issue and lambasted the Sangh Parivar for communalising the shrine, belonging to a Sufi saint. Both Hindu and Muslim fundamentalists must realise that Sufi tradition does not belong to either Hindus or Muslims, she said.

Writer Kikkeri Narayan said, Sufism was a journey of experience.

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