Myriad strokes that narrate myriad stories

Mixed media

Redolent with his childhood memories, Binay Kumar’s creations narrate snippets from his halcyon days in Jamshedpur.

“The almost fading memories of my childhood--  five paisa coins, gilli and marbles hidden above the switchboard--form a part of my exhibits as I want to treasure them through my work,” says the sculptor as he walks us through his exhibits at Lalit Kala Akademi. In ‘15

Inspired’, an exhibition of paintings, sculptures and photography, Metrolife traversed across the bedazzling collection of artworks on display at the gallery.

While Binay gathers his long-lost memories, Sourabh Mazumdar puts on his thinking cap to portray the complexities of a human life through mixed media and sculptures; Pankaj lets poetry speak for his paintings and Shekhar Jayal freezes the
alluring landscapes of Uttarakhand through photography. These are just four of the myriad artworks on display by 15 different artistes for this exhibition. Standing amidst a gallery-full of ideas, depicted in varied forms, a sense of awe gets the better of the viewer.

Why didn’t they pick a single thread of theme for these exhibits? Pankaj Nigam replies, “We live differently, experience differently, then how can we express in a similar way? Why to restrict the freedom of an artist by trying to bind his idea into a slot?”

Perhaps, it is this liberty that allows Binay to put up a separate wooden switchboard just to express how he hid his precious marbles up above the board; Saurabh to portray terracotta human faces to contrast co-existence across man-made borders and fields full of grains; and Pankaj to put down his poetry in his paintings. Binay casually sums up, “Perhaps you can never put up my artworks in your house, may be, they would not sell, but at least I can express myself freely.”

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