Who is Shinde to tell us where to protest, says CM

 Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday was in a frenzy over Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde’s suggestion to change the protest venue. Kejriwal lashed at him for telling the Delhi CM where to sit on protest in his own state.

“Who is Shinde to tell us about the location of protest? Is he a dictator or what? I am the Chief Minister of Delhi, he is not. He cannot dictate to me where to sit and where not to, in my own city.

“Have the people of Delhi given him the right to make decisions for them? No. They have given me the right. How can Shinde ask me where to sit? I will tell him where to sit,” he said.

He also accused Shinde for shutting down toilets and banning food and tea at to the protest venue.

“I walked till the barricades to get the tea inside the protest venue. Doesn’t Shinde understand that the people protesting here are not Pakistanis or Americans, they are our own people,” he said.

Asked whether his protest affected commuters and office-goers, he accused Shinde for that too. “Who ordered to shut four Metro stations? Shinde did. Who ordered to block the roads? Shinde did. Why is he preventing people to reach a place in the city? He is the one who is creating trouble for the common Delhiites. He put these policemen here who could have been serving the people somewhere else,” he said. He also slammed Police Commissioner B S Bassi over his remarks on his ministers in the raids row.

“During the meeting at LG’s residence, the Police Commissioner told us to control your ministers as they are slipping away from their houses any time with the complainants. Was he suggesting our ministers to sit in their cosy beds under warm quilts and let the complainants circle around police stations for action?” he said.

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