Try murabba to indulge that sweet tooth, boost health

Nutrition personified

So you have a sweet tooth and can’t do without your daily ‘high’ after each meal? Well, rather than indulge your ‘sweet cravings’ and run the risk of piling on calories, even a health condition, we suggest a healthy, desi option that is a winner for all seasons, all reasons.

And we are not talking about kulfi, ice-cream or gulab jamun, but a stuff better than all these which one can eat anytime either with breakfast or after lunch and dinner. This traditional and mouthwatering sweet, and a must have in households in North India, Pakistan and Iran is  ‘murabba’. The light sweet that is prepared with raw mangoes, gooseberry, apple, carrot, pineapple, amla and other fruits and berries is both delicious, easy on the stomach and replete with the goodness of health and nutrition.

The sweet can be preserved for long periods both as wet murabba and in its dry version. Murabba is said to have medicinal properties as it is widely used in Indian traditional and folk medicine.

Talking about the ‘apple murabba’, the apple sweet is rich in pectin and is useful in treating diarrhoea. Also regarded as a heart stimulant, the traditional sweet-cum-medicine is reported to relieve physical heaviness and mental strain.

The benefit doesn’t end here as apple murabba provides good roughage and is a great remedy for constipation. The sweet also helps in the major problem of hair fall as it promotes hair growth due to the presence of a compound named procyanidin B-2.

As far as the better known and widely consumed ‘amla murabba’, the Indian gooseberry is a rich source of energy with high content of Vitamin C, amino acids, lipids and minerals. The tangy yellow-green lemon increases body immunity, enhances physical and mental health, memory and eyesight. Those who suffer from low haemoglobin are often advised to include amla, in any form, in their daily diet to boost the production of haemoglobin count. And best, amla murabba can be enjoyed throughout the year.

“We have a wide range of murabbas, but ‘amla murabba’ is the fastest moving item. Come winter and many customers even purchase  the item in bulk, say 10-12 kgs at a time,” says Raj Kumar, a murabba vendor.

Given the health benefits of murabbas one can easily say ‘a spoonful of murabba a day keeps the doctor away’!

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