Obesity on the rise among young

Sedentary lifestyle

Obesity is no longer associated with middle and old age anymore. It has become synonymous with youngsters.

With more youngsters taking to junk food and a sedentary lifestyle, obesity is on the rise among people in the age group of 25 to 30.

Chandil Kumar Gunashekhara, a general physician, says that some disturbing trends can be seen of late. Sixty per cent of the patients suffering from lifestyle diseases that he attends to are less than 40 years old.

“Most of these patients are in the age group of 25 to 30 years and are either obese or overweight. Diabetes, dyslipidemia, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, Metabolic X Syndrome are some of the common diseases which are related to obesity. Earlier, we used to advise youngsters and young professionals to check their insulin levels and blood pressure after they turned 35. Now, we advise them to go for regular checks after 30,” he says.

He adds that a moderate exercise of 45 minutes at least three times a week, a balanced diet which has a combination of fats, protein, carbohydrates and vitamins should keep obesity in check. “Lifestyle diseases are now hitting people at 30 and infertility issues have become quite common among women in the age group of 25 to 30. Again, the reason for more women facing infertility problems like Polycystic Ovary Disorder is obesity,” he points out.

According to dietician Manisha Kumar, the distribution of fat is important when assessing a person who is overweight and a person who is obese, hence the associated disease risk also differs. “Eating junk food today is the biggest cause of obesity.

Despite a person’s genetic background, fat gets deposited in the body if people eat more than required. Inactivity is also a leading cause and since working men and women tend to get stressed and have a sedentary lifestyle, it is important that they eat right. Also a diet which is poor in nutrients and high in cholesterol and fat can lead to obesity,” she suggests.

Checking for indicators like the Body Mass Index is a good way to know if one is hovering towards being overweight or obese. Fitness experts say that most people join a gym or include regular exercise in their regimen when they are overweight or obese. “The realisation comes to people very late. In most cases people come to us when they are obese and have several obesity-related diseases.

If they took some steps right at the beginning, things would not have gone out of hand. Most obese people have problems in their joints due to weight and it becomes very difficult for them to exercise as a result. I would advise young professionals and others to make workout an essential part of their day,” says Harsha, a fitness expert and gym instructor.

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