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Gold, silver and other metals are quite common when it comes to jewellery and accessories but eco-friendly and recycled accessories are something new. Accessories made from ‘waste’ show that even these humble materials can become art in the right hands.

Recycled materials ranging from discarded paper to old tin cans – they are all used to make earrings, bracelets and headbands and have become the latest trend in the market. Other items are wallets, belts, watch straps,
glass can lanterns etc.

The most commonly used ‘waste’ item is cloth – it is used in making earrings,
wallets and every possible fashion item. These accessories which are not that expensive have also attracted a lot of eyeballs. They make a stylish fashion statement and are a hit with girls who can be seen wearing them with western and even Indian wear.

Glass bottle pieces are also used in making earrings, newspapers are used to make bags, tetra packs are used to make smart clutches, buttons are used to make coasters, bits of rubber tyres are used to make bracelets and bottle caps are used to make pendants...the list can go on.

One of the popular shops in Delhi which deals with accessories made from re-cycled waste is People Tree. This shop is popular with girls for its funky collection of earrings. “We make watch straps, headbands, unisex wallets, bracelets, belts and various items of jewellery from waste materials. Earrings are the popular ones,” said Arjuna Srivastava from People Tree.

“We mostly get our stuff from various NGOs in the City, like pieces of clothes and use them to make our stuff. Other than NGOs, boutiques also give us their unused cloth materials and we then try to make them into ‘statement pieces’,” adds Arjuna.

Other than accessories, beer and alcohol bottles are also used to make stunning lamps. So, next time if you plan to throw something, think twice!

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