Side effects of AAP

Hold on folks before you launch yourselves on a celebratory marathon on the success of the Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi. If AAP’s infection travels across the country, it is bound to have long range adverse effects that can ruin the country’s economy.

Many businesses are thriving on the platform of parallel economy based on cash. Imagine if the corruption is wiped out, the effect it will have on the jewelry market, hospitality business and other cash and carry shops that we have in the major metropolises of India. With these businesses crashing, many will be left jobless and will be on the streets, agitating and creating chaos.

We have got to take a 360 degree view of each situation and not jump to conclusions. When corruption is a part of our DNA, the effect of sudden withdrawal can cause depression and other mental issues. The morale of our police will hit the rock bottom. Why? Now, we have a cavalcade of escort jeeps with drivers and policemen in tow to escort our VIPs. These guys sit and maro maja while our respected leaders are discussing issues of national / state importance like planning the next foreign junket with their colleagues, discussing major issues with the civil servants or throwing chairs at the speaker in the legislative Assembly. Now these escorts will have to be on the road serving the needs of the aam adami in hot, humid and polluted weather. Their morale will hit the lowest ebb and I know from experience that low morale is very infectious. Just 10 per cent of the force with low morale is sufficient critical mass to spiral down the entire force’s energy and in our country more than 20 per cent of the security forces are employed for VIP security.

Now consider the up market car business. Every time, there is a change of guard at the top level, there is a huge demand of the latest SUVs and luxury cars and if AAP model becomes the way of our country, you will have to scaledown the sale of these cars and that will have effect on the bottom lines of automobile industry. The bottom line depends on the luxury segment and not on competitive range.

Then, this guy named AK says that his ministers and he will not move to the official bungalows. I have no direct experience but what I read in the newspapers is that each time, a new batch of state and the central ministers takes oath, huge amount is spent on refurbishing their official bungalows. What will happen to the refurbishers?
Let us take the global view. Corruption is worldwide phenomenon. And India needs to do business globally.

Recently, four ministers of Turkey had to resign because of corruption charges. Same thing happened to a minister in the UK. I am just giving two examples to make my case. Let us say, our government wants to buy military planes or anti aircraft guns from a European country and the Middle men there want their cut to feed their corruption cycle. Where will the money come from? Will you sacrifice national security because you want to sit on a high moral ground? These are important issues that can be ignored at the peril of our economy and security.

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