Power tariff hike: How much will it hurt?

This is apart from the fixed tariff and the tax, which depends on consumption.
A consumer using 400 units of power, who paid a total of Rs 1,483.50 under the old tariff, will now have to shell out Rs 1,603.50 under the new tariff from December 1. This amounts to an increase of Rs 120 or eight per cent over the previous tariff. For usage of 300 units, the total cost of Rs 1,038.50 will go up by Rs 70 to Rs 1,108.50.
For both slabs 0-30 units and 31-100 units, the tariff remains the same at Rs 1.85 per unit and Rs 2.90 per unit respectively. The consumer has to pay Rs 55.55 and Rs 203 respectively for each slab.

The second slab, at present, costs Rs 3.60 per unit for the power consumed between the 100 units and 200 units. This has been hiked by 30 paise per unit under the new tariff, which amounts to Rs 390 for the slab when the new tariff comes into effect.
For the next slab of 200-300 units, the present rate of Rs 4.20 per unit will increase by 40 paise for every unit consumed, which amounts to Rs 460. Under the slab between 300- 400 units, each unit of power consumed cost Rs 4.45. Now it has been hiked to Rs 4.95. The consumer will now have to pay Rs 495 for power consumed under this slab, which is Rs 50 more than earlier. For the slab between 400 and 500, each unit of power costs Rs 5.90 making the slab cost Rs 590, an increase of Rs 120. For each hundred units consumed after 500 units, the cost will be Rs 120.

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