Preeti not insecure of Abhay romancing other actresses

Preeti not insecure of Abhay romancing other actresses

Model-actress Preeti Desai says she doesn't feel insecure when her actor boyfriend Abhay Deol romances other actresses in the films.

Preeti, 29, said doing an intimate scene in her Bollywood debut 'Shor in the City', helped her cope up with these things.

"Maybe if I wasn't an actress and if I hadn't done that I would have been insecure. But since I have done an intimate scene in my first film, I know it is part of the job," Preeti told PTI.

"I think it is nice to admire other people. Why would you get jealous," she said. Preeti says Abhay helped her in understanding the film industry. "We are both different individuals and have our own taste, so we don't always agree on things. I go and ask him his opinion. We discuss things, but at the end of the day I always make my own choices," she said.

On the perception in the industry about Abhay being arrogant, she said, "He is not arrogant. I think he is reserved, private. People judge him from outside but when they get to know him they get a different perception about him."
As for marriage, Preeti doesn't see it happening in the near future.

"I feel like I am just starting off with this right now, I want to achieve so much. We are happy and secure with each other... Marriage is a full time job and I need to be ready for that part of my life, but right now I just want to do good work," the actress said.

Preeti will be sharing screen space with Abhay in the soon-to-be-released 'One By Two'. She felt it would be interesting for them to come together for the film.

"I think one can't presume how it is going to be... I went with the flow. Initially, he was just producing it and then he came on board as an actor. From day one we decided to keep this professional because at the end of the day it's a big thing to make a movie," she said.

Abhay has always been lauded for his acting abilities and Preeti looks upto him as an actor. She said she was initially intimidated to work with him.

"The first shot we did together, there was nervousness in me because I wanted to impress him, I wanted his approval. That was initial, but then it was comfortable once I switched into the character... I think you are constantly learning things, I feel I have lots to learn," she said.

Preeti said that Abhay doesn't praise her work that much. "I have seen him praise everybody else. I don't know if he praises me behind my back or not, he has definitely never praised me," she said.

Releasing on January 31, 'One By Two' is a love story directed by Devika Bhagat.

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