'ID card is a move to privatise parks'

'ID card is a move to privatise parks'

Proposal doesnt serve any purpose, but denies fresh air to public

'ID card is a move to privatise parks'

According to one of the walkers, the S M Krishna government in 2003 had tried to impose a yearly entrance fee, but everybody opposed the proposal and the plan was withdrawn. "Now, once again the authorities are trying to charge a fee. When we opposed they said they would instead make carrying of identity card compulsory," he said. 

The regulars at the park are of the opinion that as Lalbagh and Cubbon Park were the respiratory organs of the City, every citizen should be allowed to enter the parks to breathe fresh air. "Today people have to pay for water and using toilets. However, there should be no charge for breathing fresh, which is important for the health of citizens," said S Y Gurushanth, one of the walkers.

As he put it, the new proposal to issue identity cards was a move to commercialise and privatise the park, which was otherwise a public property.  
Gurushanth was also doubtful whether the identity cards would actually prevent any security threats. He suggested that instead, the park authorities should install CCTVs or metal detectors at the entrance, which would help.

Anand Reddy, who has been coming to the park for nearly two decades, said that the identity cards would not help in ensuring security, as the terrorists could jump the wall and come. "The park is mostly used by poor people and senior citizens. They come to the park to while away time. Besides, why would a terrorist attack a park?" he said.

D Nagaraj fumed that the Horticulture authority did not have any right to impose such rules on citizens. "Who are they to say that we should have identity cards? Once we agree to this, they may increase the amount to issue an identity card. They should not compel us as the park is a public property," said Nagaraj, who has been a regular walker at the park for the last 20 years.

V N Rajashekhar, Co-convenor, Save Bangalore Committee, said that Government is slowly trying to privatise Lalbagh and Cubbon park by introducing ID cards.
N Ravi, Secretary of Nagarikara Vedike, Vivekanandanagar said that introducing ID cards and charging for it is daylight robbery by the government. Forget the fee, we do not want an ID card to enter our parks.  The Government will privatise public parks, if it introduces the ID cards.