'Corrupt' BSY didn't know how to avoid getting caught: Ramesh

'Corrupt' BSY didn't know how to avoid getting caught: Ramesh

'Corrupt' BSY didn't know how to avoid getting caught: Ramesh

Former chief minister B S Yeddyurappa, who was forced to step down in 2011 following corruption charges, has found a sympathiser of sorts in Congress MLA, K R Ramesh Kumar, who said the BJP leader was “not the only corrupt leader in the State”. 

But unlike others, Yeddyurappa “did not know how to avoid being caught”, Kumar said in the Legislative Assembly on Wednesday, in his witty speech on the motion of thanks to the Governor’s address to the Legislature. 

“When people eat in five-star hotels, they cover their lap using cotton napkins. They eat in such a way that not even a single grain of rice sticks to their clothes; only their napkin gets soiled. Then they rinse their fingers in the finger bowl, thus no trace of eating is left,” Kumar said.

“If a person is clever, they will siphon off money, leaving no trace whatsoever. But Yeddyurappa stained his clothes. It’s not wrong to commit a misdeed, but one should know how to avoid getting caught.” 

Kumar then went on to suggest — his tongue firmly in cheek — that Chief Minister Siddaramaiah may consider opening a college where skilled training is imparted to people in how to avoid getting caught after committing misdeeds. 

The Srinivaspur MLA further said that D Devaraj Urs faced charges of corruption and nepotism soon after he became the chief minister. But later, people began worshipping him by installing his statues. When Veerendra Patil was the chief minister, he did not face any charges of corruption. But this does not mean there was no corruption at that time. It all depends on people’s perception, he added. 

‘No magic wand’

Kumar also defended Siddaramaiah’s decision to induct D K Shivakumar and R Roshan Baig into the Cabinet. The chief minister does not have a magic wand to change the system overnight. He faces political compulsions and social obligations.

“I don’t believe that you compromised on your principles when you made Shivakumar a minister. You have defended him and also R Roshan Baig. But you did not do the same in my case. Your probably think I face some more charges,” he said, eliciting laughter from the legislators. 

Kumar, also a former Speaker, said the Governor’s address was not impressive. Through the Governor, the government said lakes were being rejuvenated.

“But which are the lakes being revived? In my district Kolar, there are hundreds of lakes. But nothing is being done. The Governor’s address is misleading. I hope the government clarifies in this regard.” 

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