'My husband is my best friend'

'My husband is my best friend'

'My husband is my best friend'

Bollywood bombshell Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel dropped in for a few hours at the Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) match that was held in the City recently.

A frequent question thrown at Sunny’s New Yorker husband Daniel, a musician by profession, is how it is to be married to one of the hottest women.

He also gets asked about the secret of their happy marriage. Sunny chose to go for the question first.

“My husband is my best friend and I am most comfortable around him. It is important to have a supportive family who backs you in chasing your dream. We never get enough time for each other,” Sunny tells Metrolife.

Daniel confesses that he is proud of his wife. “She keeps me happy and motivated all the time,” he pitches in and quickly adds, “Our relationship is successful because we are open and talk about everything. We discuss each other’s work and do only what we believe is right for us together and in our individual careers.”

While Daniel is busy with his music band, Sunny is really looking forward to the completion of ‘Tina and Lolo’, which is a woman-centric film.

“It’s an action-packed adventure film. One will get to see a lot of bullets flying and women wielding guns. It has loads of thrilling moments,” she explains.

She further states, “After a few sequences involving kickboxing and fighting, I had bruises and cuts all over but I just let it be. As a child, I used to climb trees and never really did many girly things. I was more of a tomboy and I think that has come in handy.”

She has also signed up for a special song in Tamil film Vadacurry opposite Jai. “It was great to do all synchronised movements which is typical of all South Indian movies,” she shares. 

Ask Sunny how she handles criticism and she brushes it off saying everybody is entitled to his or her opinion. She states she loves her job and is convinced about every script that she signs. “I don’t get stuck with criticism. Everybody has a right to state what they feel but I will continue doing what I am convinced about. It’s a two-way traffic,” she points out.

When she’s not shooting, Sunny prefers to stay indoors with her pet dogs, which she adopted a few years ago. “I don’t believe in buying a dog, I would rather rescue and give a stray dog a home,” she signs off.

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