Handmade soaps are quite the fad now

When it comes to the skin, one ensures that the most exclusive and appropriate product is brought to use to avoid any side-effects. Especially when the skin is delicate and sensitive to harsh chemicals, the best alternative is to use handmade soap.

Prepared by the traditional cold process method, the handmade soaps are known to be devoid of chemicals and therefore help the skin to retain its pH balance. “Clear sugar soaps are made with pure unprocessed raw cane sugar which is a natural humectant and helps to retain moisture in the skin, along with pure cold-pressed oils like coconut and almond oil from sweet almonds, which are also nutritious,”
informs Ipshita, senior Ayurvedic doctor at Forest Essentials.

Devoid of any harmful chemicals and rich in natural ingredients, a handmade soap is useful for all skin types and even for those who have skin allergies. People who suffer from “Psoriasis can use honey and milk handmade soap to soothe their sensitive skin with right nourishment whereas those suffering from Eczema can use a handmade smoothie which is a hybrid form of soap and body butter and has healing properties of calamine and rose petals,” advises Anupama Malhotra, founder, Vert Fresh and Handmade Cosmetics. She informs that handmade soaps are available in various combinations with spices.      

Star Anise works well with turmeric while cardamom works with orange powder and juice. “Pepper can be combined with coconut oil or butter and chocolate and orange juice go well with oats which work as scrub,” adds Anupama informing that handmade soaps also perform the function of scrub.

Being natural, the handmade soaps acquire their fragrance from natural ingredients and often smell good. Therefore, apart from gently cleansing the skin and
keeping it soft and hydrated, these also accentuate the sensory organs. 

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