Surf gear finds a fashionable place

A fabric that is typically used for scuba gear and as surf attire, ‘Neoprene’,  has become the latest trend in the international fashion circuit. From brands like Givenchy to Tommy Hilfiger and T by Alexander Wang, top designers are taking the fabric out of the water and putting it on the runways. 

The surprise factor lies in its strong and defined lines as neoprene creates architectural shapes with sharp finish.

There are many ways to wear this textile. The most popular form is skater skirt. Go for a myriad of bright, bold colours. Though the textile is flexible, skirts made out of it easily maintain their form.  A pleated neoprene skater skirt is your best option, for achieving an ultra-feminine silhouette.

Another piece that neoprene is showing up in, is a sweater and jacket.  What's great about a neoprene top is that it maintains a smooth, classic shape, works great in neutral colours, and maintains your form. As a pencil skirt, it looks sleek and sophisticated, and as skinny pants it is sexy and modern.

Also, look for pieces like neoprene dresses.  An all-inclusive fashion piece is effortless to wear, maintains a beautiful feminine silhouette and pairs wonder-fully with accessory pieces like cardigans, blazers, and stocking. Further distancing neoprene from its typical sporty use, designers are fashioning bonded versions by fusing it with brushed felt, wool, and velvet.

From sweatshirts to jeans, casual becomes, surprisingly, a bit more refined with neoprene. On the other hand, pleated skirt or printed dress as sported by Katy Perry  makes it a perfect formal wear to go for.

According to experts, neoprene is body sculptural. It adds shape to the garment and moves with the body. It adds an element of sport and takes basic of dress designing to give the overall outfit a modern look.

Interestingly, neoprene is not restricted to dresses, skirts or tops it is getting highly popular in shoes and bags too and that too in neon colours.

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