Weaves from across the country

A handloom exhibition by ‘Weaves’ is being held at Siddharth Hall, Hotel Lalit Ashok till February 2 from 11 am to 9 pm.

India’s rich history of textiles can be seen at this event as artisans from different states, like Orissa, West Bengali, New Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Assam among others, are exhibiting their products at the stalls.

From Tamil Nadu chettinads and Coimbatore cottons to the kota doria of West Bengali and kashida of Jammu and Kashmir, a colourful variety of options is available.
 Other than the usual saris and dress materials, one can also find bedcovers, pillow covers, jewellery bags, ghagras and readymade blouses at the exhibition.

Ankit, who owns Ankit Handlooms, is taking part for the third consecutive year. “The customers in Bangalore are usually quite aware of good fabrics and value them. But the turnout this time hasn’t been great. I just hope that people come and appreciate the silks and cottons from West Bengal by the end of the exhibition,” he says.

With the summer weddings ready to begin, a lot of wedding accessories are also

Dileep Khemka, who owns a stall called Fashion House, says, “The turnout has been alright for me and it’s a good season to have such an exhibition. My fashion bags and blouses are made using thread work, handiwork and sequins.”

Rathna Chatterjee of East India, adds, “People are less interested in the quality
of the products and more in buying them for cheap. But with the rise in the price of
silk as a commodity, our rates also have to increase proportionally. Unfortunately, people really like the products but can’t afford them.”

But not all stall-owners are having a bad time. “I’ve made a range of hand-painted dress materials with themes like Gopika poses, kathakali, Om, tribal concepts and abstract concepts. The idea is to bring out our rich traditions on clothes instead of a frame. I’ve had a good response throughout the day and am the only one who does this in India,” says A Vijaya Sheela of Iris Desires (Hyderabad).

Among those who attended, some were impressed while many found nothing worth buying.  Sharvani, a customer, said, “The rates have increased and the quality of shops has come down. I’ve been a regular at this exhibition but this year’s display has less variety than last year. It’s not easy to find something you want to buy.”

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