Silly soporific soaking in self-indulgence

Inga Enna SolludhuTamil (UA)¬¬

Cast: VTV Ganesh, Santhanam, Meera Jasmine, STR (Silambarasan), Andrea Jeremiah, K S Ravikumar, Srinath, Pandiarajan, Swarnamalya, Mayilsamy, 

Director: Vincent Selva

What can one say here? As goes the film’s title, indeed, having suffered the soporofic stuff, one is hardpressed to say any good things about Inga Enna Solludhu.

Having produced the film, and playing the lead, V T V Ganesh turns Inga Enna Solludhu into a putrefied ego trip, soaked in self-pity, thanks to director Vincent Selva pandering Ganesh’s whims without much qualms about his own reputation. 

Brimming with bawdy humour, Inga Enna Solludhu, which takes its title from Ganesh’s famous one-line in Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya, revolves around an acerbic 42-year-old bachelor, whining and wallowing about his eventless life gone by, to his driver blessed with patience to hear his drivel, is told in flashback. Like the driver, the audience too are made to insufferably indulge in the slew of sequences that spawn the screen, as our bachelor and his driver buddy cruise from Ooty to Chennai and the man rambles about life from Singapore to Chennai detailing how from a bartender he hopped on to juggle multiple jobs before turning a film producer. The pathetic rags-to-riches pastiche speaks of how our bachelor arrives to attend the wedding anniversary of his bosom pal only to be summoned to Chennai following his relative meeting with an accident. 

Vacuously writ and sloppily scripted, V T V Ganesh turns Inga Enna Solludhu into indulgent, boring ballyhoo, looming large through the mis(adventurous) enterprise from the first frame to the final freeze. Ganesh believes that audiences would pay through their nose to watch him wallow in his misfortunes caring a whit from being entertained and engaged. Whether, as an audience, you are interested in meeting people that have flit past Ganesh’s life begs question. Suffice to say even the sashaying presence of Meera Jasmine and cameo by Andrea Jeremiah fail to pep up the proceedings which only makes you squirm at the pitiable ploys and loose ends Ganesh adopts to have his audiences sit through the tiresome tamasha. There’s nothing more to say than warn you to simply stay away. 

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