The one who bends is the one who wins hearts

We were taught by our teachers at school that “as the tree grows taller, it starts bending.” This example of tree was given to teach us the virtue of humility. 

However, very few of us, after passing out of our respective schools and colleges, may ever remember this important lesson taught to us at school, because in real life, the cruel world that we live in doesn’t allows us to be humble. But still, the fact remains that the one who bends is the one who wins hearts.

Each one of us has a different take on humility; some feel it’s necessary, some feel it’s not, and some feel that it’s not possible to be humble in the present milieu where corruption rules; whereas some feel even humility is cowardice.

But in reality, without humility, one cannot acquire any other virtues, as it is the king of all virtues. 

Humility creates co-operation and unity, thereby bringing us close to everyone and everything very easily. It also prevents us from falling into the abyss of arrogance and self-complacency, Thus, keeping us alert to all possibilities from being deceived and creating disasters to the possibility of creating the most surprising miraclesThe one who is humble would never be afraid of being vulnerable and fear of loss, because he becomes a master who has conquered the “I” and “Mine”, which are the main roots of human degradation. 

A master is the one who works with the eternal principles of the universe and who is always humble and self-sufficient. 

The eternal principles protect and govern the well-being of our life. Hence, we all must align ourselves to these principles because it’s only through alignment to these eternal truths can we find freedom and liberate ourselves from all miseries. Without humility, ego lures us and we get hypnotised by our self-seeking desires.

 With deep introspection, contemplation , the door to self-knowledge opens up . Thereby raising the level of our self-esteem and also creating a sense of stability within us.With this inner stability, there won’t be any fear of what is different to us; neither would there be any desire to control people or  control situations that may come our way in life, ensuring us that all the right things will happen in the right way and at the right point of time. 

So, it is important to be humble, unassuming and unpretentious, by dissolving our ego through modesty to taste the sweetness of life by way of contentment and happiness.....

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