New gadget promises zero failure of transformers

New gadget promises zero failure of transformers

The electronic unit manages crisis by reading data of the power flowing in and out

New gadget promises zero failure of transformers

The distribution transformer is the last in the chain of electrical energy supply to domestic and industrial consumers. But it is also a cause of worry to the Power Utility as the power fluctuation in the supply leads to the severe distribution loss and transformer failure across the globe.

The loss across the globe is estimated between 4 per cent and 24 per cent, while in India it is 12 per cent.  But now an electronic gadget ‘Smartcon’ developed by M V Satyanarayana, when connected to a transformer will bring down the loss of transformer thus saving crores of rupees to the power utilities. 

Two years effort

A result of two years effort, this equipment has obtained an European as well as the Indian patent and is fully automatic.  “Usually the the transformer fails due to overloading, which degrades insulation. It initially reduces the transformer life by 50 percent and finally leads to its failure. The number of transformer being in thousands, it is impossible to watch and monitor each individually, here we have this technology where it trips automatically until it cools down,” explained Satyanarayana, the innovator.

Satynarayana, who has established his Research and Development wing at Bidadi says that his analysis of three companies Bangalore Electricity Supply Company, Chamundeshwari Electricity Supply Company (CESC) and Hubli Electricity Supply Company reveal that the transformer failure in 2008-09 has led to severe loss in these companies.

Data shows that that the percentage of transformer failure in these companies is  8.72 percent, 16.16 percent and 12.55 per cent respectively, Satyanarayana added.  
“This leads to the immense overhauling cost. Bescom alone has lost over Rs 40 crore  for overhauling during the year 2009, while another Rs 15 crores is lost in the form of revenue loss due to transformer failure,” explained K S Srikanth, another engineer here.

A novel technique

The device connected through cables to the transformer is a novel technique and comes protected for short circuit. The instrument trips automatically when the transformer starts heating up after it exceeds it capacity of 110 per cent and will connect automatically once the system cools up.

“This process is called as auto reclose and when there are several feeders tripped, it will act on priority by giving time to cool,” engineer Srikanth explained.  “This process of improved management will reduce the burden of repairing, transporting and shifting of transformer,” added Satyanarayana.

Costing less than a lakh this device can also generate load flow data making the manual management a thing of past. Details of the power flow can be obtained or either downloaded from the device along with the power factor and can ensure complete utility of the transformer.

Most sought after

The indigenous product is now a most sought after by various power utilities of the company including Bescom.