Damage from hair styling


Hair styling products like straighteners, hair rollers, dryers, and hair sprays cause more damage to your hair than you realise.

Green hair

It’s a condition that affects bleached hair and turns it green due to the copper present in the hair in some form. It can be caused due to frequent exposure to chloride or copper algicides in the swimming pool water. If a house has both new copper water pipes and old iron water pipes, the drinking water has high levels of copper which can cause green hair. Using a shampoo that has chelating (metal removing) agents in it can help in this condition.

Bubble hair

It is caused when a heating appliance like a hair curler is used on wet hair. Heat from the curler boils the water inside the hair which in turn forms small bubbles. The hair then eventually turns brittle and breaks off around the bubble. Bubble hair is found more in people who style their hair at home.

Hair spray accumulation

Excessive use of hair spray and gels can build-up and get accumulated on the scalp, especially if not washed properly. The quality of your hair gets affected due to this chemical build-up and can lead to subsequent hairfall.

In order to prevent damage you can follow these tips:

*  Drink plenty of water throughout the day

*  Avoid tight braids and ponytails as they pull and tug your hair roots.

*  A common cause of hair loss is lack of moisture, which can be avoided by oiling the hair.

*  As much as possible, reduce the use of hairstyling products.

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