'Fashion is a serious business'

'Fashion is a serious business'


'Fashion is a serious business'

focused Krishna Mehta dh photo by manjunath m s More than 20 years in the fashion business and Krishna Mehta still has the same energy with which she began.

In the City for a fashion award show, Krishna sure did prove why she is still one of the finest designers in the country. The very first to start a designer menswear back in 1989, Krishna, through her label ‘Krishna Mehta’ has dressed many celebrities and fashion enthusiasts across the world.

Fashion for her is an ever-growing industry, which is constantly re-inventing itself and presenting opportunities for even old traditions to be adapted to contemporary styles.

“Our crafts and textile traditions must be adapted to present tastes and demands. Only then can they be sustained,” she says. Every designer while debuting, comes into the industry with an aim, which gradually changes or evolves over time. But for Krishna, her goal is yet to be reached.

“I began by trying to be better than the best, and even today, I aim to achieve that,” she says and adds, “But of course, I don’t want to be compared to anyone but myself. With each show, I try my best to better myself.” Ask her where she gets her energy from and Krishna says, “From deep within. When one has the passion to
express through clothes, the energy is automatically self generated.”

With the reality bug having bitten even the fashion world, television is filled with shows which are on a lookout for the best designers or models.  These shows are giving the fashion industry a boost and a new outlet.

But for Krishna, these shows and contests are, “a good way to get TRPs”. However, she hopes that something good will come out of them for the young aspiring designers. 

Commenting on the current situation and young designers, Krishna says there is a void which has been caused by a lack of discipline. “I have seen many young designers taking things far more easily and being content with absolutely nothing,” she says.

“You have to drive yourself to work hard to  present yourself in the best way possible because after all, you are in a serious