There's something magical about Abhishek's eyes: Vidya Balan

There's something magical about Abhishek's eyes: Vidya Balan

There's something magical about Abhishek's eyes: Vidya Balan

Film actress Vidya Balan promotes her umcoming movie "When 'Paa' came to me, working with Mr. Bachchan was a definite incentive. However, the fact remains that I was actually looking forward to working with Abhishek too. We have acted in 'Guru' earlier and I know for sure that he is a fantastic co-actor," Vidya said.

Vidya is particularly impressed about Abhishek's 'no rehearsal' stand that results in an "intuitive" acting experience.

"Since Abhishek doesn't rehearse, you don't really know what he  is going to do when the director calls for a shot," she said."When a take is called, there is so much give and take that actors exchange. This is why when he starts delivering his dialogues; you react in a way that was probably never planned. It eventually helps you bring about something intuitive."

"...But then there is this intrinsic honesty to his act as well. He always tries to do something that enhances a scene. Also, there is something so magical about his eyes, which have a language of their own. This is something that I had said even during the time of 'Guru' and I am glad he has retained this quality even after all these years," Vidya added.

So was she game to playing Amitabh's mother or did she require much convincing?

"Frankly I wasn't too sure," confesses Vidya, who has earlier worked with Amitabh in Vidhu Vinod Chopra- directed 'Eklavya - The Royal Guard'. "I had no clue if (director) Balki would actually be offering me a role of Mr. Bachchan's mother. Since I had seen 'Cheeni Kum', the maximum that I would have expected out of 'Paa' was to play a lead opposite him."

Vidya was in for a surprise when Balki explained the film's idea to her.
"I didn't really know how to react. Here I was playing Abhishek Bachchan's love interest as well as his real father's reel mother - all in one film. I was like 'wow, now what's that'! It took me some time to absorb this, but eventually I did say yes," Vidya said.

"Paa", which also stars Paresh Rawal in a key role, is set to release Friday.