He prepares nearly about 40 to 50 quintals of compost using cow urine. He has constructed a pit that he fills with smooth soil.  
A channel has been built to allow the cows’ urine towards the pit. After 15 days, he dries this concoction in shade for three days. He makes about 50 quintals of compost every year.

“Last year, I used this compost for the red gram crop and got a decent harvest, without spending any money on fertilisers,” he explains.
“If I had to buy chemical fertilisers, I would have spent Rs 4,000 to 5,000 per acre. After using this organic compost, soil fertility has also increased,” he points out. He grows jowar, bajra, foxtail millet and other crops in his field. Now he uses only organic compost. Some years ago, he spent a minimum of Rs 60,000 per year on his 10 acres of land. But now the expenditure for fertiliser does not cross over a few hundred rupees.
Ananda Teertha Pyati

How about growing soya?
Growing soya can soon be an interesting option for farmers across the state. At the Krishi mela held recently at Bangalore’s GKVK, a plot of soya was demonstration of how easy it is to grow the crop.
Suitable for small land holders, it can be sown in kitchen gardens and terrace gardens too. 

The speciality of this crop is that it can be grown in a low-rainfall area. However, it is not highly recommended in coastal areas.
For a good crop, sowing should be completed by the end of July. As many as 25 kilograms of seeds are required for each acre. After 65-70 days, the crop can be harvested and the yield is about 3,000 kilograms per acre.
While soya beans are used after drying, this variety of tender beans can be used for cooking.

“It has 14 per cent of protein and is good for health. We can use this as another vegetable,” says scientist M Swamy. As per his research, soya beans contain 41 per cent oil, 2.36 per cent carbohydrates and 0.76 per cent of calcium.
During March, soya seeds will be made available to farmers, explains Swamy.
Na Karantha Peraje

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