Bold strokes of art

Art-lovers were more than happy to enjoy her works at a specially-held preview of her debut exhibition in the City at Pratima’s Art Gallery. Showing her works in the City, to which she has recently shifted, was very special for her. “I have often showcased my work in Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and even abroad. Since its my first time here, I find it very special,” said the excited Sarojini.

In fact, one of her paintings displayed outside the gallery attracted an on-looker so much, that the curiosity of how the other works would be, just pulled him in. “I liked the painting put outside so much that I just had to meet the artist and see her works,” he said.   
Over wine and cheese, a lot of the P3Ps appreciated her bold strokes and her perception of mother nature. “The two things that really inspire me are nature and the feminine figure. One cannot really understand the difficult work of the almighty. But with each painting, I only begin to discover more,” said Sarojini, who has also tried her hand at many abstract paintings.

The bright colours and bold approaches of the paintings were the first things that came to the minds of many of the guests. “Only a woman can truly capture a woman’s figurine onto the canvas,” said one of the guests. Many even brought out the symbolism used by the artist. “Its not just about stating the obvious. On looking deeper, one can see that there is so much more to it than what’s meets the eye,” said another guest. Even the catchy and poetic titles to the paintings captured many of the guests’ attention. “Since I am a poet by heart, I try to bring that into my work as well,” explained Sarojini.

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