UN criticism prompted new N-plans: Iran

Building more uranium enrichment facilities a violation of obligations: US

Vice-President Ali Akbar Salehi told state radio that Iran needed to give a strong response to the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) resolution on Friday demanding that Iran halt construction of its newly revealed uranium enrichment facility and end all other enrichment activities.

A cabinet meeting headed by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Sunday approved plans to build 10 industrial scale uranium enrichment facilities, a 10-fold expansion of the nuclear programme that will likely heighten tensions with the West.
The US and its allies fear that the facilities will give Iran the capability to produce weapons-grade nuclear material and have called for an immediate halt to Iran’s enrichment of uranium.

Iran has rejected such claims, saying its uranium enrichment facilities will only produce fuel for nuclear reactors to generate electricity.
The cabinet ordered the Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran to begin building new facilities at five sites that have already been studied and propose five other locations for future construction within two months.

As Iran maintained its defiance announcing plans for 10 new uranium enrichment facilities, the US on Monday said such a step would be a “serious violation” of its international obligations and would further isolate it.

“If true, this would be yet another serious violation of Iran’s clear obligations under multiple UN security council resolutions, and another example of Iran choosing to isolate itself,” White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said.

“The international community has made clear that Iran has rights, but with those rights come responsibilities. As the overwhelming IAEA board of governors’ vote made clear, time is running out for Iran to address the international community’s growing concerns about its nuclear programme,” Gibbs said.

‘IAEA resolution is law of the jungle’
Iran’s Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki on Monday said that the UN atomic watchdog was imposing the “law of the jungle” by denouncing the Islamic republic over its uranium enrichment drive, reports AFP from Tehran.
“The IAEA resolution against Iran is not logical. No-one can bring any reasoning in face of such logic,” Mottaki told a news conference. “This is an act of bullying. Today, we call it the law of the jungle,” he said.

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