Teen tornado

Teen tornado

Having a teenager at home is like living with a virtual tornado. A gust of wind and everything goes spinning and I mean everything: the books on the  table, the clothes on the bed and knick-knacks spread all over.

The teen reverse laws prevail, or so it seems. Otherwise how could one explain the dirty pants while going out and a very clean one while whiling away time at home. Neatly combed hair while on the computer playing Fifa and ruffled hair on the way to the movies. The wet towel on the bed and the bedspread on the floor.

How can one ear listen to a very low decibled call for dinner while studying but the same ear becomes deaf to the shrill loud call for some errand while watching Television.

Sundays are for taking it easy on studying and the rest of the days it is for resting after coming back after a long day of study and play. I wonder where is the energy stored while playing and where it disappears once inside the house. Reverse law is rearing its head again. Hunger and thirst all the time while studying and ‘no, I am not hungry’ when the computer is beckoning.

Neatly arranged shirts and pants are an eyesore to the teens governed by these laws and that’s why the shirt kept at the bottom attracts and is pulled out with a neat tornado like gesture spinning away all the shirts and pants into a good heap. Viola! now I am okay,you are okay.

‘How can you call it untidy, it looks cool now’ is what is written large on the face. Hands itch all the time , no, not for work, but for the messages on the SMS .

The reigning god for all the teens is the ‘mobile god’ and he is worshipped all the hours of the day and also in their dreams .

So powerful and strange are these reverse laws that it takes away the parental power and also the listening power away from the teens.

Louis Armstrong’s words ring true. ‘There are some people that if they don’t know, you cannot tell them.’