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Business Czarinas
S N Chary
Bloomsbury, 2013, pp 283, 499
The book features some of the most successful businesswomen in India. Each of their stories is greatly inspiring: their journey to the top; the obstacles on the way; the opportunities they made the most of; the values they hold dear, and the lessons they learnt. The author interviews nine remarkable women leaders, giving us insight into their work and life.

Paperback Dreams
Rahul Saini
Penguin Metro Reads, 2014, pp 250, 140
Jeet Roy, a college Casanova, has published a book by unfair means. Rohit Sehdev, a one-book-old popular fiction writer, is furious when he finds out that his publisher has cheated him out of his royalties. Karun Ahuja is an ambitious schoolboy who wants to win the heart of his lady love by writing a novel about it.

Grand Delusions — A Short Biography of
Indrajit Hazra
Aleph, 2013, pp 145, 295
Indrajit Hazra’s exploration of Kolkata, once Calcutta, headquarters of the Raj, goes beyond the expected stories about a metropolis that has been mined for its cliches by a long line of writers, artists, grumblers and tellers of tall tales. He takes us to the eccentric paras (neighbourhoods), clubs of the north and the south, and inside Park Street’s iconic restaurants.

The Revenge of Kaivalya
Sumana Khan
Westland, 2013, pp 384, 350
In the lush forests of Sakleshpura, a tribal man dies under mysterious circumstances, his body branded with words in an ancient Kannada script. In Bangalore, Neel wonders if his friends are playing a prank on him as his penthouse reeks of charred flesh and he thought he saw a young woman out of the corner of his eye. How are these things related?

Afternoon Girl — My Khushwant Memoir
Amrinder Bajaj
Harper Collins, 2013, pp 372, 399
A brief encounter between a young gynaecologist and an aspiring writer and one of the most celebrated and enigmatic authors of her time sows the seeds for an unusual friendship which is fuelled as much by their meetings over a few dacades as the letters and ribald jokes they exchange.

Mistress of the throne
Ruchir Gupta
Srishti Publishers, 2014, pp 312, 250
1631, the Empress of India Mumtaz Mahal has died. Rather than anoint one of his several other wives to take her place as the Empress of India, Mughal King Shah Jahan anoints his 17-year-old daughter Jahanara as the next queen. Jahanara is the first ever daughter of a sitting Mughal king to be anointed queen.

From Ghalib’s Dilli to Lutyen’s New Delhi
Edited by Mushirul Hasan & Dinyar Patel
Oxford, 2013, pp 296, 1,395
This collection of documents illuminates the infant capital’s evolution. It includes letters, reports and memoranda that describe the initial hurdles encountered — administrative, financial, legal, military et al — in establishing a new capital city.

The Gamblers Paradox
P N ‘Harry’ Harish
Partridge, 2014, pp 228, 649
Professor Dennis of Stanford University is shot to death in his study. Detectives quickly learn that he was involved in the Las Vegas casino industry. They must find if his work there led to his murder, or the fact that he had amassed a fortune in gambling.