'Politicians should not meddle with culture, art'

'Politicians should not meddle with culture, art'

Lalitha Kala Academy former President Chi Su Krishna Shetty has said that politics should not interfere in the field of culture and art. 

Speaking to mediapersons, he said that politicians should not meddle with culture and art. However, in the last nine months politics is being interfered in the field of culture. Art and culture field has seen a set back in the last nine months. The government has failed to give importance to fine arts. 

“The Academy had introduced novelties and created a progressive vibration in the field of art last year. The government should support fine arts in Chikmagalur, Hassan and Malnad,” he said.

The government’s decision to change the academies president soon after taking charge was not right.  “Academies president should be allowed to continue till their term ends. It has stalled the process of appointing president to Kodava Academy,” he said. 

“M S Murthy has been appointed as the President of Lalitha Kala Academy. He also comes from RSS background. If the government goes a head with the stalling of appointment, we will protest against it. I had not identified with any political party. Art is my principle. I was appointed to the Academy for three years. But was changed after a year. The government should clarify as why I was removed.” 

He said that colleges which teach fine arts should be given facilities. Welcoming the government’s decision to implement cultural policy, he said that cultural policy is need of the hour. Delhi and Goa governments have already framed a cultural policy.