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Q & A

Q:  Is it possible to use a computer, completely in the offline mode,  to protect it from hacking or malware?

Keeping your computer offline is certainly possible, but doing so would probably limit many of its functions. For instance, software updates, program authentications, email, web browsing, video streaming, online gaming and music downloads all require an Internet connection.

Security programs, if you have any installed, also get their updates delivered over the Internet.

Yanking the Ethernet cable or turning off the computer’s Wi-Fi receiver cuts it off from the world outside, but you can still use the machine as long as you have the appropriate software installed (or can buy it on disc) before you cut the cord.

Among other things, you can use the computer as a high-tech typewriter with word-processing software and a printer directly cabled to it; files can be transferred to other computers via USB drives. You can also use the computer for games and to view multimedia stored on disc or the hard drive.

Q: Is there a way to use two Bluetooth headsets simultaneously to watch a movie on iPad?

The wireless Bluetooth technology used by the iPad allows for the audio signal to stream only from one device to another.

While you can normally use only one set of headphones at a time with the iPad, third-party accessories may offer a solution.

For example, some users have reported success with add-ons like a Kokkia multistream Bluetooth transmitter (starting around $60 (Rs 3,705) at the company’s store), which promises to stream the audio from an iOS device to two different headsets.

Depending on your iPad model, you might need additional adapters to fit a multistream Bluetooth transmitter to the tablet’s connection port, so you may want to do more research before you buy.