Will public darshan of padukas lead to another controversy?

Will public darshan of padukas lead to another controversy?

Will public darshan of padukas lead to another controversy?

The district administration took the padukas out of the cave on July 31 as the cave was flooded with water and kept the same in the District treasury. Bajranga Dal and Sri Ram Sene had demanded the district administration to make arrangement for paduka darshana even last year.

The district administration did not agree to install the padukas in a public place for the darshan last year on the grounds that the sanctity of the padukas will be lost if it is installed in any place other than the cave itself. All the elected representatives as well as activists from fundamental groups agreed with this logic.

This year, the State government pressurised the DC to get the padukas to the peeta and as a result, Tahshildar Veena brought the padukas to the hill for public darshan in her vehilce and kept it in the office of Endowment officer near the main entrance of the peeta on Tuesday.

MP D V Sadananda Gowda said that valuing the sentiments and emotions of the devotees government had decided to get the padukas for the darshan. He said that he would like to congratulate and thank the government for the move not as a MP but as a devotee of Lord Dattathreya.

MLA C T Ravi said that no court has denied permission for darshana of the padukas and sensing the feelings of the people, the Government had made a right decision. “It can not lead to any controversy,” he said.

Expressing contempt over the move of the Government, Komu Souhardha Vedike State Secretary K L Ashok said that the district administration which has offered prayers to the paduke has violated the Endowment Commissioner’s codification of 1989.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, he said that the report of the Endowment Commissioner states that general public can have darshan of the padukas but only the ‘mujavars’ (Muslim priests) have right to offer prayers to the paduke by offering flowers, lighting lamp and incense burners. Seers of various mutts too can offer prayers, says the codification.

However, Deputy Commissioner R Narayanaswamy clarified that he has not violated any court order. He also clarified that no abhisheka or pooja has been performed to the padukas.